Triumph of Taste: Jaffah’s Ahlan Ramadan Campaign Orchestrates 5x Surge in Online Sales

Client Overview

Jaffah is a renowned brand specializing in the distribution of high-quality chocolates, dry fruits, and other delectable treats.


To boost Jaffah’s online presence, reach, and conversions through a targeted Instagram campaign.


We orchestrated and successfully executed the captivating ‘Ahlan Ramadan‘ campaign, skilfully highlighting our extensive assortment of delectable dates and creating significant engagement.

The meticulously executed ‘Ahlan Ramadan’ campaign not only amplified our sales figures but also expanded our reach and garnered a surge in followership, making it a remarkable success.


5X Growth in Orders
During the “Ahlan Ramadan” campaign period, the number of online orders witnessed a 500% growth from 25 orders to 126 orders per day.

63X growth in Instagram reach
We increased the Instagram reel’s reach from 3.2K to an impressive 204K per post.


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