Driving Rapid Growth: A Digital Marketing Case Study on Beroot International (Study UK Consultancy)


Beroot International, a client of Bamboo Social, approached our digital marketing agency with the objective of expanding its online presence and increasing its followers on Instagram and Facebook. This case study highlights our strategic approach, tactics employed, and the remarkable results achieved during the campaign.


The primary goal of the campaign was to establish Beroot International as a prominent brand on social media platforms, specifically Instagram and Facebook. We aimed to attract a substantial number of followers, enhance brand visibility, and boost engagement to drive potential leads and conversions.


Content Strategy

  • Created a content calendar with diverse and engaging posts.
  • Focused on sharing informative content related to study abroad, visa processes, scholarship opportunities, university selection, and student experiences.
  • Utilized visually appealing graphics, eye-catching images, and concise yet compelling captions.

Hashtag Optimization

  • Conducted in-depth research to identify relevant and trending hashtags in the study abroad niche.
  • Strategically incorporated popular hashtags into Beroot International’s Instagram and Facebook posts to increase visibility and reach a wider audience.

Influence Collaboration

  • Collaborated with renowned social media influencers to promote Beroot International’s services.

 Paid Advertising

  • Utilized targeted Facebook and Instagram ads to reach potential students interested in studying in the UK.
  • Ran ad campaigns with visually appealing creatives, compelling ad copies, and precise targeting parameters to maximize conversions.


Instagram Follower Growth:

Within six months of implementing our digital marketing strategies, Beroot International’s Instagram page witnessed exponential growth. Starting from scratch, we successfully increased their follower count from 0 to an impressive 39.4k followers. This growth significantly enhanced Beroot’s brand authority and expanded its reach among the target audience.

Facebook Followers and Engagement:

Our efforts on Facebook also yielded remarkable results. Beroot International experienced a substantial increase in its Facebook followers, with a surge in engagement through likes, comments, and shares. This boosted their brand exposure and increased the potential for lead generation.

Increased Reach and Visibility:

By consistently sharing high-quality content and employing strategic tactics, we helped Beroot International reach a broader audience. The increased reach resulted in higher brand visibility and recognition within the study-abroad community.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

Through collaboration with influencers and engagement with followers, we were able to establish Beroot as a trusted brand in the study abroad consultancy sector. The positive reputation built through social media interactions further reinforced the credibility of the organization.


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