Building a Thriving Motivational Community: BR Motivation’s Remarkable Social Media Success

Client Overview

The BR Motivation is a platform dedicated to providing inspirational and empowering Malayalam motivational reels to their audience with a primary focus on Instagram and Facebook.


  • Establish a strong social media presence for BR Motivation on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Create a dedicated community of followers interested in personal development and motivation.
  • Promote and amplify BR Motivation’s motivational reels to inspire and empower their target audience.

Results and Achievements

The weekly average Instagram reel reach exhibited an impressive growth, soaring from 2.4K to 2 million

Instagram account experienced remarkable growth in weekly average engagement, with likes increasing from 45 to 177K, comments rising from 12 to 1K, and shares escalating from 23 to 53K per post.

The Instagram account garnered a substantial increase of 97.7k followers, while the Facebook page gained 1.5k followers, fostering a thriving online community


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